The School Of Media and Visual Arts at the University of Quebec in Montreal in cooperation with the School of Image Arts at Ryerson University and a number of institutions, artist-run centres and arts administrators in Toronto and Montreal, is hosting a conference: Toronto/Montreal : The proliferation of screens. This interdisciplinary conference, in it’s second edition, will take place from February 9-11, 2006. It has the overall aim of presenting new work in a variety of forms to the Toronto and Montreal arts communities, encouraging interaction between academic and artist-run organizations in both cities.

Invading the urban landscape, screens in proliferation are taking on increasingly complex and diverse functions in society, raising many questions. Screens render the imagination visible; they become cultural windows. Multi-channels propose a myriad of visual and informational transactions - a fragmented discourse that engenders cognitive shifts. This conference will feature presentations by specialists coming from varied backgrounds in the Arts and Sciences to examine the infiltration of multi-screens in public and private spaces.

This conference will be focused on 4 main areas :

History (keywords: multiple-perspective, Cubism, Picasso, David Hockney, Nam Jun Paik, multi-channel video, multi-screen …)
Perception : The New Brain (keywords: multi-processing, cognitive psychology, neurology, attention span, data overload, glimpse, new brain, new mode of reading, new tools for learning, reconfiguration of neuronal structures…)
Challenges (keywords: fragmentation, real-time theory, proliferation of the screen in our urban environment, Time Square N.Y. sampling, …)
Artistic Devices (keywords: new screens, multi-channel video, multi-screen …)
First biennial :

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